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The ISMAC FLE school provides its students with a learning based on a dual approach including "the general French course" and the "French workshop".
In the general course, the students work daily with their teacher to achieve an objective, they study written and audio documents in French which allow them to understand the use of grammar, vocabulary, phonetics with cultural notions of language use in situation. The students will then have to express themselves orally and in writing in a similar situation in the class to reuse what has been seen in class.
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After or before their general course, our students participate in workshops. In these workshops, each day they will discuss a different topic with the teacher in order to deepen their knowledge and it is also the opportunity for them to ask their teacher specific questions. The workshops offered at ISMAC focus on: grammar, phonetics, written expression, vocabulary, DELF/DALF/TCF preparation and oral expression.
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Parallel to their lessons, students can make an appointment with a teacher for an individual face-to-face "administrative support", during this meeting, they will be able to explain a problem encountered during an administrative procedure and the teacher will give language and culture advice to better understand the French administration. Finally, the ISMAC school offers its students cultural outings in Paris to visit museums, districts, fairs relating to French culture and gastronomy. These outings are the subject of exercises, individual challenges or in groups of students supervised by the teacher.
Presentation of the course
Level A1.1
Complete beginner level
  • Level A1.1 is intended for students who have never studied French before. This is an 8-week refresher course which then allows our students to integrate level A1.2 to continue their progress. The objective is to understand the basics of French grammar by also working on your pronunciation and by enriching your vocabulary in order to be able to communicate in the first situations of daily life.
  • These courses include from Monday to Friday general courses, workshops, personalized administrative follow-up (help with correspondence in French) and cultural activities, i.e. 20 hours of lessons per week.
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