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Chercher un logement

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Going through an agency

You can look for an accommodation through an agency located in the city where you want to settle down. This can save you time. The search will also be easier. Indeed, the agency will have several housing units to propose to you, which correspond to your criteria.

Agencies know their area well, and they will help the lessors (= people who rent) to set reasonable prices.

The fees

Only drawback: by going through a real estate agency, you will pay agency fees, also called fees. It can be expensive!

Here is what the agencies have the right to charge you, in application of the Alur law:

the organization of visits
the constitution of the file
drafting the lease
the inventory of fixtures of entry

How much does it cost?

For a rental, for example, the amount of the agency fees to be paid by the tenant does not generally exceed the amount of a rent without the charges. Example: for a rent of 800€ per month, the fees cannot exceed 800€.

Between individuals

If you don’t want to pay fees, it’s possible!

1) You just have to go on some ad sites:


Entreparticuliers :

2) You can read the classifieds in the newspapers!

3) In shops such as supermarkets, bakeries, there is often a notice board with announcements!

4) Word of mouth: tell your friends and colleagues about your research!

Other sites according to your search: roommate, homestay…

Renting accommodation alone can be expensive, and it can be difficult to find when you are a student. And it is often very small.


Colocation is the rental of a single dwelling by several tenants. So if you choose a shared house, you will live with other people.

The tenants can have a link between them: lovers (cohabitants), people of the same family or friends. But they may not be related to each other at all.

People who are married or bound by a Pacs contract cannot be joint tenants.

If you are looking for a roommate in an apartment, there is a specialized site:

Shared accommodation is a good way to find cheap, large enough accommodation.

There are also groups on Facebook like Autroisiè and associations.

For the Paris region, there is Coopcoloc.

On La Carte des colocs you can search by location.

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