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Our students are talking to you! Here are some opinions and sharing of experiences from our ISMAC FLE students.
The comments below are addressed to you in French but also in a foreign language!
Thank you to our students for this encouragement!

Learn formal and colloquial French.

While looking for an academy to start studying French again, I found out about ISMAC through a friend. The more I lived in France, the more I felt the gap between the language of everyday life and the language I learned at school. We had classes together. Thanks to Mr. Otman's delightful lecture and teaching me the words and sentences used by locals so that I could not lose my concentration, I enjoyed the class, and Mr. Karine was able to learn and practice Korean, so we were able to interact a lot. She moved up the class and met Ms. Adrien, a professional fit for DALF C1 and who resolved small nuances that had not been resolved while living in France. Whenever I don't understand, he always listens to me with appropriate examples, so I'm listening to the class very satisfied.


Serious and motivated teachers.

I started taking A0 French class in February 2020, and I am currently a C1 student. During the period, I met three different teachers, each of whom was very professional, serious and responsible. The course itself is also very reasonable. In addition to the basic courses, there is also a highly targeted atelier. I really enjoy learning French at ISMAC.


From level A1.1 to C1 at ISMAC.

The number one reason I recommend ISMAC is that the instructors are great. I took classes from 8 teachers starting from A0 level to C1 class. Also, the whole school has a friendly atmosphere, and the friends of various nationalities I have met at this school have become my emotional support for my life in France. The content of the classes is rich in variety, and you can evenly improve the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The regular tests and promotion exams were never easy, but thanks to them I was able to develop my French skills. And thanks to the overwhelmingly low tuition compared to other schools, I was able to continue this far. I feel very lucky to have come across this school.


Gracias ISMAC !

Mi experiencia al llegar a Ismac fue muy grata, tanto los profesores como el personal administrativo son muy amables y abiertos a ayudarte y resolver dudas. el apoyo de los profesores, me encuentro en C1, y sigo con mi aprendizaje. Eso me permite acceder a muchas más oportunidades laborales y sobre todo a disfrutar de la vida francesa, conociendo amigos, visitando lugares y expresándome sin limitaciones. Es muy gratificante encontrar una escuela tan completa.


Merci aux professors de l'ISMAC FLE.

Adrian's teaching style is multi-faceted. Accurate example sentences, common mistakes, synonyms, etc. will help you gain a deep understanding of grammar and expressions. Above all, the classes are bright and full of humor, so you will never get bored and enjoy participating in the classes every day. She also speaks Japanese, so I feel a sense of familiarity with her, and she analyzes and explains why Japanese people make mistakes based on language differences. Even if you ask a lot of questions, they will teach you until you understand, so you don't have to refrain from asking questions. She has been to other schools and this is the best.


Professors with great enthusiasm !

"My professor had a great enthusiasm for teaching French that always kept the classroom environment positive and upbeat. He made use of his personal experience and knowledge to teach us about fascinating topics that made the class more than just a class about the French language but about the vast subjects of life! Entering the school with three years of practical French experience under my belt, taking classes at ISMAC helped me achieve what I hoped from an advanced French language class specifically refining grammatical knowledge, increasing breadth of vocabulary and developing writing skills. "

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