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I. Registration

How do I register for one of your programs?

– On line

a) Online written placement test (link) and filing of the requested documents.
b) Receipt of an invitation for an oral test with one of our French teachers.
c) Free trial lesson.
d) Payment.

– On the spot
a) Submission of the application file with the requested documents.
b) Make an appointment for a written and oral test with one of our French teachers.
c) Free trial lesson.
d) Payment.

Do I have to pay application fees?
Students must pay a fee, * Registration fee: 40€ * Registration fee in the case of a visa application: 80€
Can I register without taking the test?

The placement test is compulsory in order to decide your level and to offer you courses adapted to your needs, except in the case where you have never studied French before and are therefore a complete beginner. If you have previously obtained an official certificate attesting to your level (DELF, DALF, TCF, etc.), you will be asked to provide a copy.

What is the deadline for registration with ISMAC?
We ask candidates already in possession of a residence permit to send us their file at least 2 weeks before the start of the course. Classes can be integrated every Monday after confirmation of the level via the placement test. For students residing abroad and needing to apply for a visa, see information below.
How can I extend my registration with ISMAC?
Please send your extension request at least 2 weeks before the end of your registration.

II. Documents issued by the school

How do I obtain an official registration certificate?
After examining your registration file and verifying your payment, a registration certificate will be prepared within 2 working days, we will give you the certificate on site or by email according to your choice. We do not provide a pre-registration certificate.
How do I obtain a certificate of attendance?
This document attests to your regular attendance at classes and will be necessary for many administrative procedures, in particular with the Prefecture. No certificate of attendance will be given without attendance at classes, except for compelling reasons on proof. Contact the school by e-mail or fill out an on-site attendance certificate request form. The requested documents are provided by the school within 3 working days.
How do I get a quarterly exam transcript?
Contact the school by e-mail or complete a transcript request form on site. The requested documents are provided by the school within 3 working days.
How do I get my student card?
The student card is issued to persons registered for a period corresponding to one school year. Contact the school by e-mail or complete a student card application form on site and provide a photo ID. The student card will be provided by the school within 7 working days.
Does the school issue a diploma or a certificate of completion?
Our school provides a certificate of notes following the quarterly exam but does not offer official certification of level, for this the student will have to inquire with the approved centers or contact the ISMAC which will be able to give him all the necessary information.

III. Payment

How do I pay my registration fees?

On site: in cash or by cheque.

Online: by bank transfer (all bank charges remain your responsibility).

Can I pay my registration fees in installments?
The school offers payment facilities for any registration for more than 8 months of lessons. The costs can thus be separated into three payments only in the case of payment by check on the spot with delivery of all the checks to the administration. The dates for cashing checks will be fixed with the administration.

IV. Visa and residence permit

Do I necessarily need a visa to come and study in France?

For nationals of a country in the Schengen area (European Union), no visa is required. For nationals of a country outside the Schengen area (European Union), the visa is compulsory and can be the subject of two types of request depending on the student’s project:

a) Short-stay visa: less than 90 days or less than 120 days, to be renewed in their country of origin.

b) Long-stay visa: visa for an entire year, renewable in France.

How to obtain a short stay visa as a student?
To do this, you must contact the French consulate in your country of origin and submit your application file to Campus France. The time required to obtain an appointment varies by country. The visa applicant must present the consular authorities with useful supporting documents concerning the purpose of the planned stay and the conditions of the stay (sufficient resources, accommodation certificate). We advise you to contact Campus France in your country for more details.
How to obtain a long-stay visa as a student?

To do this, you must contact the French consulate in your country of origin and submit an application file to Campus France. The time required to obtain an appointment varies by country. We advise you to prepare a period of around 2 months to obtain your student visa.

The administrative procedures for registering with ISMAC and obtaining the certificate to be presented for obtaining the visa are as follows:

1) Registration: a) Online written test. b) Oral test with one of our French teachers. c) Free trial lesson. d) Official registration (The school recommends registration for a period of 12 months corresponding to 20 hours of weekly lessons in the case of a first visa application).

2) Procedure with Campus France in your country: a) Create an online account on the Campus France site in your country of origin. b) Complete the files online. c) Once the files have been validated by Campus France, an invitation to an interview will be sent to the candidate.

3) Interview in a Campus France consulate: be sure to present in detail a clear study plan in France following the French language training.

4) Obtaining the visa: After obtaining the visa, please contact ISMAC so that we can organize your course schedule and offer you personalized advice regarding your stay in France.

If my visa is refused, how can I request a refund?
Tuition fees will be reimbursed on presentation of proof of visa refusal from the embassy, consulate or prefecture, 150 euros will be retained as application fees, 200 euros if these fees include postage.
How can I extend my residence permit in France?
Here is the official website of the French administration, please follow the steps indicated in order to extend your student visa in France.

V. Questions about my courses

How many levels do you offer?
We offer 5 levels ranging from A1.1 (Great Beginner) to level C1. They follow the scale of levels defined by the CEFR and also correspond to the levels assessed in the DELF/DALF/TCF certifications.
How many students are there in my class?
There are on average 15 students in a general course and about twenty in a workshop depending on the level.
Does the school use a reference manual to obtain in advance?
ISMAC teachers build their courses from documents from different sources and therefore provide all the necessary material to students. No additional costs will be requested for the material.
How are your courses and student progress organized?
A quarterly French exam takes place every 4 months (mid-April, mid-August and mid-December, please consult the annual calendar for the exact dates in the “French language course” section). A move to the next level can be made after passing the exam, a student who cannot meet the evaluation criteria can continue to study at the same level and try again for the next exam. Exam results are processed by the school’s pedagogical and administrative managers. Progression to the next level will depend on the marks obtained and also on your attendance, personal work and your participation in daily classes. To know: For level A1.1, an exam will be organized 2 months after the start of your course and you will be able, after passing the exam, to join class A1.2.
On which campus do they take place?
We have 3 campuses in Paris, you will find them on the main page of our website.
Who is my teacher and when do I have class?
Course schedules are communicated to students when they register. On these schedules appear the time slots as well as the names of the teachers. However, these schedules as well as the teachers in charge of the courses are likely to be modified for internal or external reasons at the school. Students will always be informed in advance by email by the school reception. All our teachers are French-speaking, qualified and experienced.
I want to change level before the quarterly exam, change time slot, what can I do?
The school is constantly listening to you and wants to support you as well as possible throughout your studies. Contact us with any such questions and we will be happy to explain the procedures to follow.
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