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Our team of teachers is made up of qualified professionals experienced in teaching French as a Foreign Language. They all benefit from several years of experience in France and/or abroad and support you in your learning by listening to you and answering all your questions.
Coordinador Pedagógico-Administratif y professor de FLE del nivel C1.
Holds position at ISMAC since February 2016 and is the origin of the construction of ISMAC FLE. Having taught FLE in Spain and Japan at the beginning of his career, he soon joined FLE centers on his return to Paris welcoming mainly learners of Asian origin. With 12 years of experience in the field of teaching French as a foreign language, he has also trained foreign specialists in the luxury sector for whom he has created training courses in French Fashion and Luxury, taught in companies, schools luxury marketing and university. He currently holds the position of FLE Pedagogy-Administration Coordinator in collaboration with Véronique Gosson, FLE Pedagogical Manager, for the management of the entire ISMAC FLE team as well as its development. He also teaches French to C1 level students to prepare them for the DALF C1 diploma.
Véronique Gosson
Pedagogical manager, PhD in Language Sciences and FLE teacher at level B1.
Working at ISMAC since February 2017, Véronique has taught French as a foreign language in France and abroad to multiple and varied audiences for nearly 20 years. Specialist in foreign language teaching, expert in verbal and non-verbal communication after obtaining a doctorate in linguistics, she was qualified to the rank of Lecturer in Educational Sciences and Language Sciences to teach in several Parisian universities in Master 1 and 2 in order to train future teachers of French as a foreign language. Since 2009, she has chosen to share her experience and offer her expertise in private language centers in which she now holds the position of educational manager.
FLE teacher at level A1.2.
After studying Spanish, Virginie obtained her Master’s degree in Language Sciences and has been teaching French for more than 8 years. Virginie is an online French teacher at ISMAC, so she offers lessons to all our students residing abroad and knows how, despite the distances, to create a friendly atmosphere in her virtual classroom. Before becoming a FLE teacher, Virginie worked as a professional make-up artist in different sectors, fashion, television and cinema.
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