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Presentation of the course

C1 level

DALF objective

Similar to the B2 level, the C1 level is a key moment in the learning of the students because the success of the DALF C1 will allow them to access French universities at the Master’s level. In this class, students will work with their teacher on the methodology necessary to pass the exam on its use at university. The documents used in class revolve around the sciences and humanities in order to deepen the lexicon, as well as to understand and reuse complex sentence structures.
These courses include general courses, workshops, personalized administrative follow-up (help with correspondence in French) and cultural activities from Monday to Friday, i.e. 20 hours of lessons per week.


1 Month 450€
2 Month
3 Month
4 Month
6 Month
8 Month
10 Month
12 Month

* Registration fee: 40€
* Registration fee in the case of a visa application: 80€

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