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Written comprehension


The reading comprehension test aims to assess the reading level of learners with questions relating to specific points of a text. As for oral comprehension, in the DELF or the DALF, these are fairly long texts, such as newspaper articles, chosen according to the level of the student with a series of questions. For the TCF, the student must read a series of short texts, from the simplest to the highest level and answer a few MCQ questions for each small document.

Some tips

The reading comprehension test is also a matter of time, so you have to be strategic! Read the questions asked carefully before starting to read the text and then search of the information requested in the document. At ISMAC, we work on numerous authentic written comprehension documents to best prepare students for the various themes and lexical fields they will encounter in the exam. Our workshop “Preparing for the DELF / DALF / TCF” is also an opportunity to see typical exercises and to fully understand the questions asked in these exams.
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