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Oral comprehension


Listening comprehension aims to assess learners’ level of listening in a foreign language. In DELF/DALF type exams, you have to listen to long documents and answer a series of questions. The audio document is precisely chosen according to the level of the learner. For the TCF exam, you will have to listen to several short documents, it is a MCQ and the exercises range from the simplest to the highest level.

Some tips

Of course, acquiring good skills requires regular practice: watching films or documentaries in French, listening to the radio at home, attending exhibitions with commentary in French, etc. Many sites on the internet can also help you with self-corrected exercises and you will find a large number of dedicated manuals in bookstores. At ISMAC, we regularly offer oral comprehension activities adapted to your level, in addition our “Preparation for DELF / DALF / TCF” workshop focuses on the standard oral comprehension exercises for these exams.
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