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Written expression


Writing expression test is a key moment in your exam and you must therefore prepare well for it. Each level of the DELF or DALF has its specific objectives with an expected form of text: writing a postcard using the past tense, a personal opinion from a short document, a formal letter in a polite way or even a summary of several documents. This exam brings together skills in sentence structure, conjugation, vocabulary, pragmatics (situation of enunciation) or even French culture. As for oral expression, writing is not compulsory for the TCF, so you may be asked to present a TCF DAP.

Some tips

Writing is often dreaded by students because, in fact, French has its own spelling rules! One of the most important points is reuse, show your abilities to your evaluator by reusing everything you learned in class and don’t be afraid to take a few risks. Indeed, a B2 level student, even if he makes few errors, may see his mark drop if he only uses simple forms in writing. Your written expression is the showcase of your level, show that you can use the key points of your level and above all carefully study the form adapted to each type of text. Don’t panic, our courses and our writing workshop will allow you to understand and practice with the advice of your teacher during your training at ISMAC.
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