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Language structure


The so-called “Structure of the language” test consists of a series of exercises on grammar and vocabulary. This is a TCF test, the DELF / DALF exams do not include grammar exercises, even if it is assessed in the four skills EO, EE, CO and CE. These exercises can focus on syntax, conjugation, vocabulary words (often similar, watch out for pitfalls!) and for more advanced levels on idiomatic expressions. As with the other TCF tests, this is a MCQ and the exercises range from the simplest to the highest level.

Some tips

As far as grammar is concerned, it is mainly a question of properly analyzing the proposed sentences. The answer is often in the question! Observe carefully the subject of verbs, the gender and number of words, the construction of sentences, the need for prepositions, etc… It is also about vocabulary, again, clues are given in the sentence, it is it is rare for an answer to be random. ISMAC offers its students a grammar workshop which allows them to understand and assimilate the specificities of the French language and the teachers regularly offer TCF subjects in their “DELF/DALF/TCF Preparation” workshop in order to work on the small pitfalls that you may encounter review.
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