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Financial assistance for your accommodation

There are 3 types of housing benefit: APL, ALF, and ALS

The APL - Personalized Housing Allowance

What is the APL?

It is a financial aid (called “allocation”) for housing. It is paid by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF).

What is it for?

This allowance can help you pay your rent. If you have bought a house and borrowed money from the bank, the APL can help you pay for this loan.

Who is it for?

If you have little money or a small salary, you may be entitled to housing benefit.
If you have a high salary, you will not be entitled to it.
It is paid according to your housing situation:
– If you are single or in a couple, with a dependant, in subsidised accommodation which you rent (most HLM accommodation is subsidised)
– If you have bought a house or flat and borrowed money from the bank, you may be entitled to housing benefit.

When should you apply?

As soon as you have the keys to your home.

How do I know if I am entitled to housing benefit?

I am a tenant!
1) Ask your landlord/owner if the accommodation is subsidised.
2) If the accommodation is subsidised, you can do a simulation on the website :

I am an owner! (I bought a house or a flat)
You can make a simulation on the site:


Make a simulation of APL

Your accommodation is subsidised, you can make a simulation!

1 - Before making the simulation, gather the following information

about your accommodation
the composition of your family[1]
your current professional situation: are you working? On a fixed-term contract? PERMANENT?
your personal income for 2018 (income = salary, money earned at work)
your bank statements showing the current amount of your assets
your last notice of assessment for Council Tax: you will find the “gross rental value” of your built property to be declared.
your latest property tax assessment notice: you will find :
the “Base” value of your built property to be declared,
the value of the “Non-agricultural land bases” or “Agricultural land bases” of your undeveloped property to be declared.
The “Base” values indicated must be multiplied by two in the declaration.

If you live as a couple, you will be asked for your partner’s/spouse’s occupation and salary.

2 - Click on this link to make the simulation:

[1] https://www.cerfrance.fr/fiches-conseil/comparez-les-differents-types-d-union
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