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Expression orale


The examiners here wish to assess your ability to speak French. It is therefore an interview with one or more teachers. The exercises vary according to the levels and it can be speaking by oneself or in dialogue with a teacher, like a role play. Generally, a document is given to the student and it is based on this document that he is asked to imagine a dialogue or make a presentation. The standard TCF does not include an oral expression test unless you are asked to do so, by a university for example, in which case you will have to register for the TCF DAP which offers this test.

Some tips

In oral expression, you have a short time to prepare your presentation or dialogue, so it is important not to try to write a whole text during the preparation time because otherwise you will not have enough time. It is therefore necessary to write down ideas, a plan with key words and to speak spontaneously, moreover it is not recommended to read a text but rather to speak in a natural way. In addition, for level B2, C1 or C2, it is essential to respect the methodology, this is precisely what we teach at ISMAC in our oral expression workshops. Our phonetics workshop will also allow you to improve your pronunciation which will be carefully listened to by your evaluators.
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