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Renew your visa

Here you will find the main information for a visa renewal.

Renewing your visa

As a foreign student, you probably have a Long Stay Visa with Residence Permit (VLS-TS) with the mention student[1].
It is valid for 4 months or 1 year. Within 3 months of your arrival in France, you must validate your VLS-TS and pay a fee in addition to the visa fee. You can validate your VLS-TS or buy a tax stamp.

After 1 year:

– You can apply for a temporary student residence permit (valid for 1 year).
– If you are still studying, you can apply for a multiannual student residence permit. You are subject to a means test. In some cases, the residence permit may be issued automatically.

When should I renew my visa?

You must apply for the renewal of your residence permit 2 months before the end of your visa’s validity[2].
Example: your visa is valid for 4 months, from September to December inclusive. You should therefore apply at the end of October.

Where do I apply?

You can apply at the prefecture of the city where you live, or at the prefecture where ISMAC is located, i.e. Paris.
Contact your prefecture to make an appointment.
Supporting documents required[3]
You will need to present the following 8 supporting documents:

1) Your current visa

2) proof of civil status and nationality:

– Passport
– or a birth certificate with filiation or a full copy of the birth certificate translated into French (by a professional)
– or if you are married and/or have children: your spouse’s residence permit (or identity card); marriage certificate or children’s birth certificates with filiation

3) Proof of address less than 3 months old:

– an electricity bill or a lease contract
– if staying in a hotel: certificate from the hotelier and invoice for the last month;
– if staying with a private individual: certificate from the host dated and signed, copy of his/her identity card

4) 3 recent original passport photos, no copies! Format: 35 mm x 45 mm, head-on, bare face and perfectly resembling the applicant.

Click on the link below to see examples of the photos to be provided:
5) Proof of validation of the VLS-TS or purchase of the fiscal stamp.
6) Registration / pre-registration at ISMAC or another school.
7) Proof of sufficient means of living. You must prove that you have enough money to live on with a minimum of 615€ per month: bank certificates / attestation on honour of payment / pay slips / a scholarship certificate from the country of origin specifying the amount and the duration of the scholarship.
8) Proof of health insurance: this is a certificate of entitlement. You can download it from your personal space étudiants-étrangers.gouv or
9) Transcript of grades for the year, and proof of attendance and presentation at exams.
Applying for a multi-annual residence permit[4]
After your visa has been valid for one year, you can apply for a multi-annual residence permit.
How long is the multi-annual residence permit valid for?
The duration of validity of this card will correspond to the number of years you have left to complete your studies.
For example: you are in your first year of a degree at university when you apply for the card. It takes 3 years to study for your degree. You still have 2 years to go. So your residence permit will be valid for 2 years.
If you are a marketing student at ISMAC, the multi-annual residence permit will be valid until you graduate.
What if I want to continue my studies in France?
If your multi-annual residence permit expires, you can apply for a new one 2 months before it expires. It will be valid until the end of the new course of study in which you have enrolled. If you apply after the expiry date, it will cost you 180€.
Example: after your licence studies, you want to continue your studies in master. It takes 2 years to get this degree. You have just registered, the residence permit will be valid for 2 years.
Where to apply? What documents should I provide?
As for the renewal of the visa, the application is made at the prefecture, and the documents are the same.
How long do I have to wait?
You will get your new permit 4 to 6 months after you apply.
The prefecture can give you a récépissé if you have not applied before the expiry date: this is a temporary residence document.
This is a certificate proving that you have made your application. It authorises you to stay in France for 3 to 6 months after your permit expires.
If this is your first application for a multi-annual residence permit, you are not allowed to leave France.





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