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Write your CV

Here are some tips to help you write a CV in French.

A piece of advice: organise the information on your CV by theme! Professional experience, training, etc.

Content: compulsory, optional and prohibited information[1][2]

A photo is not compulsory in a CV. Avoid party, holiday or family photos, which lack relevance and maturity. Take care of your outfit and your general appearance.

Another thing to avoid mentioning in a CV is salary expectations. The question of salary is only discussed during the recruitment interview.

Spelling [3]

Pay attention to the spelling of certain words!

Diplôme (with a circumflex accent!)

Expérience professionnelle (think of both “n”)

Qualités/spécialité (no”ée”)

Intérêts (on its own, « s »), mais : Centres d’intérêt (sans s final)

Cyril Ledoux, Paris (always capitalise proper names)

The visual aspect[4]

The colours

# The all-purpose blue
You can use colours, but they have a meaning! So we’ll use different colours for different areas.

The +: Blue, combined with a fine charcoal grey! Blue is the safe bet. This all-purpose colour can be used on all types of CVs, for all types of jobs. It will convey the image of an enterprising, kind and positive candidate.

CV templates

Click here to find out more about the meaning of colours related to professional fields.

If you are not sure how to format your CV, you can use editable documents:

Be careful, if you use an English document, remember to translate the headings into French!

You can use other programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator if you wish.
Different CVs for different sectors, or write an online CV!
You can find many of them at:
Look for CV templates according to your professional field!
There are also specialised sites for certain fields.

For example, for the film and theatre sectors, you can consult the websites of artistic agencies:





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