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Work in France

Here is the information you need to know if you are looking for a job alongside your studies.

Do you want to work during your studies?

It is possible under certain conditions!

1 - European students [1]

An identity document is sufficient. You do not need a work permit.

Non-European students [2]

You need a student visa.

2 – Your employer (= the boss!) must declare your employment to the prefecture 2 days before the date of employment [3] You do not need a work permit.

The employer must give you an employment contract or a promise to hire:

How long can I work for?

→ You can work a maximum of 964 hours/year (60% of the legal annual working time).

This duration starts when your card is issued or your visa/residence permit is validated by the Ofii.

Be careful, if you do not respect this limit, you risk losing your visa!

Exceptions: work-linked studies / higher education / end of studies

I have a student visa, and :

I am a student and I need to work as part of my studies, in coop training course: CAP pastry, BTS computer science…

– I am on an apprenticeship contract

– I am on a professional training contract

– I am a doctoral student working on a thesis, a research grant holder, a medical intern, a language assistant

→ I can work more than 964 hours/year.

How do I do it?

You will need to apply for an APT (= Autorisation Provisoire de Travail)

I have to do an internship for my studies

Internship hours do not count towards the 964 hours/year!

You can work 964 hours/year AND do an internship.



[3] Déclaration d’embauche :


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