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Candlemas in France

Every year on Candlemas, the crepe makes its reappearance at the table of the French. Where does this tradition come from? And what different types of crepe can you find?
Rolled pancake placed on other pancakes
According to an Odox study for Nutella, 90% of French people eat pancakes and 74% eat them outside of Candlemas. This February 2, the traditional crepe promises to delight the taste buds once again.

Origin and tradition:

A tradition of pagan origin, the consumption of pancakes was introduced, like many others, into Christian festivals. Originally, the round shape and color of pancakes symbolized the sun, the return of sunny days after winter and it was thought that eating them at this time would bring luck. This tradition is celebrated in the Christian religion to commemorate the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. The Candlelight Festival is thus celebrated 40 days after Christmas. Now, this event has lost much of its religious aspect and is also celebrated in non-Christian families.

The pancake and its various varieties:

Pancakes are the basis of a very varied cuisine. Indeed, they can be served sweet, savory (like the famous Breton galettes), plain, hot, cold and with a wide range of toppings. You can easily find creperies offering toppings such as chocolate sauce and whipped cream, ice cream, fruit. Crêpes compete in originality to always expand their offer and attract new customers. As for savory pancakes, or buckwheat pancakes, they often contain ham, eggs or cheese. There is also something for everyone. This type of crepe is usually folded into a slipper (see photo).
Breton crepe folded into a slipper

The folding:

Folding is a family affair, each household has its own methods of folding. Still according to the Odox study, 55% of French people would prefer to fold their pancakes into a triangle, while 42% would prefer them in a roll. Gender also seems to play a role in the choice, 55% of men would bend rolls, while 55% of women would bend triangles.

Daily presence:

Like other traditional festivals, it reserves its share of advertising for brands of spread (see the video below) or even powdered sugar,…
From now on, pancakes have no more secrets for you. It’s time to get tasting!!
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